Your Legal Residence in Hamburg

We are present while you are out! We care for your business!

We are very pleased that you start with us in Hamburg. We will support you with our more than 25-years of experience. We help you with our back office and keep an eye on your business. We are hooked on our clients!

Here our detailed offer:

Service package 1Company Address in Hamburg
with co-office
and mail receipt
110 €monthly
Service package 2 Company Address in Hamburg
with co-office,
mail receipt and mail handling,
e-mail information,
4x letterdispatch
140 €monthly
Service package 3 Company Address
with telephone and fax service,
your own telephone number, co-office,
e-mail information,
4x letterdispatch
170 €monthly
Service package 4 Address + phone for your company including all services
220 €monthly
Service package 5 Phone answering as your secretary
85 €monthly
Service package 5a Phone answering as your secretary, e-mail information
110 €monthly